pebble flow

Where home meets the road.

We’ve designed

Pebble Flow as the perfect

combination of beauty and


Automotive Design & Construction

Pebble Flow has been built using rigorous automotive manufacturing processes. All-aluminum space frame construction. Lightweight composite and sustainable materials. Built-to-last durability that surpasses industry standards. A commitment to making Pebble the safest RV on the road.

Aerodynamic Design

We've spent countless hours refining the curves and lines through advanced computational simulations. The Pebble Flow is 300% as aerodynamic as a conventional travel trailer. Better mileage, longer range, and an overall safer towing experience.

Natural Hues

Adventure-resistant, automotive-grade paint in nature-inspired colors that complement, not compete with, your surroundings.

Open & Airy Living

Panoramic windows give way to a 270° view. Convertible furniture, clever storage compartments, and minimalist, modern interior give you everything you need and the flexibility to make it your own

We worked hard to
make everything easy.

By simplifying every aspect of RV life, we’ve made it accessible and comfortable for everyone.

Silent HVAC

Whether you want to heat things up or cool things off, simply pre-set the whisper-quiet HVAC with the Pebble App so it’s comfortable as soon as you set up camp. The fully-insulated shell keeps the temperatures just right and the external ultra-high efficiency heat pump keeps things quiet.

Indoor / Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen features a Wandering Cooktop (a removable indoor/outdoor induction range), a 4-in-1 convection microwave oven, and a full-size fridge. Settle in for a great meal at the built-in dinette for four or pass through the flip-up service window to dine al fresco.

Spa Bathroom

Extend the feeling of spaciousness and tranquility in your bathroom by adjusting the transparency of your shower glass. Taking inspiration from the most sophisticated hotel bathrooms, our design features LED lighting, contemporary fixtures, and a state-of-the-art macerating toilet.

Deep Sleep Bedroom

A good day outside demands a great night’s sleep. The Pebble features 1 queen and 1 full bed for sleeping up to 4, dimmable LED lighting, and a night sky roof panel so you can rest easy under the stars.

Room Flip

Lightweight, flexible furnishings help you move from leisure time to work time within seconds. The queen bed converts to a work-from-anywhere office with mobile internet, integrated USB-C outlets, LED task lighting, and plug & play Starlink connectivity*. *separate subscription required

Super. Solar. Power.

Pebble converts sun-powered energy into super-charged power. The Pebble Flow introduces energy flexibility, with multiple ways to use and share your power.

45 kWH LFP battery

The safest EV battery on the market, with the capacity to power all of the appliances and stay off-grid for up to 7 days.

The magic of

travel goes beyond

the destination.

Magic Hitch

Pebble Flow can sight, align and hitch all by itself. This lightens the load of departure for true get-up-and-go freedom.

Remote Control

This isn’t child’s play. But it could be. The Pebble App and dual-motor drivetrain allow you to reverse, park, and position the Pebble exactly as you’d like without so much as having to look in your rearview mirror. You can even turn the Pebble 360° in place.


With just a touch, the Pebble Flow deploys camp by auto-leveling, unfolding the stairs, turning on the lights, setting the temperature, unlocking the door, and pitching the awning. When you’re ready to head home, retract camp just as easily.

Easy Tow

We’ve made towing easier and safer for everyone, even in windy conditions or on a grade. With Pebble Flow’s dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System, towing is finally safe and effortless, whether you’re towing with an SUV or a pick-up truck, a gas vehicle or an EV.

Onboard Intelligence

With as much computing power as an autonomous vehicle, the Pebble Flow unlocks endless possibilities. New features will be added through OTA updates.

Always be in touch,

even when you’re out

of reach.

The Pebble App

The power of the Pebble is at your fingertips. Control, monitor, configure and precondition your Pebble from the simple touch interface of your smart devices.

OTA Updates

The world’s smartest RV just keeps getting smarter. With onboard intelligence, Pebble is always evolving and improving with regular updates and new features.

Remote Connectivity

The Pebble is plug-and-play-ready for Starlink and mobile data so you can be connected wherever you are. Separate hardware, subscription, and cellular plan required for activation.

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