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app driven.

Effortlessly hitch, deploy
and control your Pebble with

The Pebble App.

Pebble App
Anywhere, anytime control

One-touch automations are just within reach. Control your Pebble Flow remotely or from the comfort of your Pebble.

Let Pebble do all the work

so you can do more of
what you love.

Remote Control

In Remote Control mode, you can easily hitch, park, and turn the Pebble Flow just by lifting a finger.


Deploy camp and get settled in within seconds, not hours by using the InstaCamp quick action.

Status Monitoring

Easily check-in on the status of your energy levels, tank levels, or solar charge, all from one place.

Tailored Comfort

Access a suite of pre-set quick actions on your home screen for climate control and comfort tailored to your preferences.

We’re connecting to
more than nature

Our ambition is to create an app that does more than automate arduous tasks. In the future, the Pebble App will be the go-to-place to plan your next trip, and connect with other RVers who share the same interests, values, and thirst for adventure.

Pebble App
Oct 25, 2023
Stefan Solyom, Pebble CTO, is trekking new territory to create a first-of-its-kind smart RV.
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